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As of May 17, 2016, the sheep and goat section of the small animal barn will be closed while the animals undergo veterinary treatments for Orf. For further information, please refer to the FAQ: Orf FAQs pdf

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International Year of Pulses

2016 is the International Year of Pulses and a great opportunity for Canadians to learn that pulses — dried peas, bean, lentils, and chickpeas, which are all edible seeds of plants in the legume family — are a healthy and sustainable food.

Apprentice Chef Educational Activity Kit

What mysteries are hidden in the food we eat? Top off your lab coat with a chef’s hat, because you’re about to conduct some experiments that show the connection between science and what’s on our plates.

Unique Facility Rentals

Hold a Fascinating Event at the Museum. Relax in a casual, fresh air setting at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum on the Central Experimental Farm.

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